who we are

A sanctuary is a place of refuge and safety; a haven from an outside environment that assaults the mind, soul, and body with negative emotions or experiences.

The mission of Sanctuary Girl is to minister to women through the weekend retreat experience in a way that brings them into the safety and security of truly resting in who they are in the eyes of God:

Strong | Loved | Powerful | Redeemed | Enough

Being safe and secure in who we are as women of God FIRST, will give us a firmer foundation and strength to operate in as women, wives, mothers, professionals, and all of the other roles we must play here on earth. We will be better equipped to stand up to the negative social pressures and judgments that try to tell us who we should be, and rest in the security of who we are each created to be.

Discovering God's Word, His affirmations of us as women, the innate gifts that He has endowed upon us each individually, and enabling the fellowship of women from all over the country together to lift each other up and fill those empty places through the retreat experience, is the mission of Sanctuary Girl.

We are safe. We are secure. In Him. In His Son. In His Word. He is our Sanctuary. We are not of this world. We are set apart. We are Sanctuary Girls.


A sanctuary is a place of refuge and safety. It is a haven from an hostile environment.


About our retreats

Sanctuary Girl Retreats happen all across the country. Each retreat is geared towards women 16 and older, with the exception of His Beloved Retreats, which are weekends especially designed for married women. The getaways occur over three and a half days of intimate fellowship and relationship with other likeminded women. The mission of Sanctuary Girl Retreats is to reinforce the sense of community, support, and encouragement that women can draw upon in a group setting. Our goal is for each person to leave stronger than she came.

Each retreat home is carefully selected to provide the ultimate in peace and privacy for the retreat group, beautiful views and spaces for reflection, and ample room for group and breakout sessions. The goal is to foster a sense of intimacy and transparency, where women can share and be poured into according to their individual needs. Sanctuary Girl Retreats are designed to create relationship and a sense of sisterhood upon leaving the weekend.

Sanctuary Girl Retreats include the following:

- All meals and snacks with the exception of one date night out, per individual retreat schedule

- Double-occupancy rooms in luxury retreat homes (queen and larger beds often shared, unless otherwise requested)

- Sanctuary Girl branded gift bag with amenities

- Binder & supplies for note-taking

- Journal

- 3.5 days of sessions | trainings | activities to reinforce the needs of today’s woman



You are strong. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are enough.


How much do Sanctuary Girl Retreats cost?

Retreats are generally $300 for the weekend. This cost provides for everything with the exception of transportation. Transportation may be available. Please contact your SG Retreat Coordinator for details. International Serving Retreats will be higher in cost.


Are there payment plans available?

Yes! Retreats may be paid for in full, or they may be paid for over the course of three months, with a $100 deposit due upon registration.


Are refunds allowed?

100% of your retreat cost, not including transportation, is refundable with cancellations prior to 90 days. There are no refunds for cancellations 90 days or less to retreat date. Credit towards a future retreat is available in lieu of a last-minute cancellation.

Cancellation and refund requests will be processed no later than 30 days following request. This process allows us time to replace the cancelled spot without affecting the overall retreat budget. Refunds will be processed no later than the 30th day following cancellation, per the 90-day cancellation policy.


Are tickets transferrable?

Tickets are transferrable. Please consult with your SG Retreat Coordinator regarding your case.


How many women can attend one retreat at a time?

There is a maximum of 30 women per retreat.


Do I have to share a bed?

Queen beds and larger are shared. If you would like to have a bed to yourself, please be sure to let your SG Retreat Coordinator know and accommodations will be made on a first come, first serve basis depending on bed configuration in the retreat home.


Can I choose my roommates?

If you are traveling with a companion, then yes! Please be sure to notate your roommate(s) of choice in the post-registration survey. If you are attending alone, roommates will be assigned based on the answers to your survey. You never know who you're destined to meet!


Does Sanctuary Girl offer any discounts?

Yes! Sanctuary Girl loves when ladies attend more than one retreat. After your initial experience, you will receive 10% off future retreat registration. Refer a friend to attend with you and you will receive an additional 5% off when she attends!


Are these retreats for Christian women only?

NO. Women of all shapes, colors, sizes, socio-economic, faith, and cultural backgrounds are welcome to attend Sanctuary Girl Retreats. While many of the sessions are geared around what the Bible has to say about us as women, any woman can benefit from the encouragement and support that is provided through the experience. Ladies are welcome at anytime to choose not to participate in any singular session, and use the time for rest or reflection instead.


What is the curriculum or theme structure of the Sanctuary Girl Retreat?

Each retreat is different. There are many retreat themes, such as for married women, focus points for moms, training for women entrepreneurs, identity-discovery retreats, and more. Your itinerary will be provided for you two weeks prior to retreat.


Who leads the Sanctuary Girl Retreats?

Each retreat is different. Sanctuary Girl has a team of spiritually mature leaders including teachers, pastors, entrepreneurs, wives, and mothers from all walks of life. There are four leaders per retreat to further develop the sense of connection and assist ladies with any needs they may have, both physical and spiritual.

Where can i go if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions, you may email us at any time at info@sanctuarygirl.net.



God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved. - Psalm 46:5



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