Orlando retreat

Jul 12-15 · Orlando, FL

Where You Go I’ll Go:
A Mother | Daughter Retreat

This retreat is for mothers and their daughters, aged 12-18, who are excited to connect away from all of the distractions of home, friends, family, and, yes, social media. The theme of this retreat centers around the Biblical relationship of Ruth and Naomi of the Old Testament. Led by Sabrina Hayes, Lead Pastor of Sanctuary Girl, and her 18 year-old daughter Jordan, who is also in Ministry School, ladies and their daughters will have a very encouraging and fun time together.

Retreat activities will include all-group, mother-only and daughter-only, and recreational outings that encourage fun and one-on-one connection between the parent and child. We will discover what we see in each other as parent and child, find out how we can strengthen our relationships, and create a time of intimacy that most moms and daughters aren’t able to experience while in the busyness of their daily lives. This retreat includes time for an optional date-night to Downtown Disney/Disney Springs for the group.



  • • All meals with exception of optional date night to Downtown Disney/Disney Springs

  • • Amenities bag including SG: Mother Daughter Apparel

  • • All necessary worksheets & resources

  • • Room & board in a large vacation home for the group

  • • Professional photo shoot per family

  • • Access to SG Retreat Shop products for Retreaters only

Max attendance: 20 persons total (This retreat is best experienced one-to-one. If you have more than one daughter, you are able to bring maximum two to allow room for more families to attend. The experience is best one-to-one due to the nature of some of the activities, but two children are welcome.)




retreat terms & conditions

Cancellation and refund requests will be processed no later than 30 days following request. This process allows us time to replace the cancelled spot without affecting the overall retreat budget. Refunds will be processed no later than the 30th day following cancellation, per the 90-day cancellation policy.

Retreat payments are available in two options:

Full retreat payment available upon registration

– OR –

$100 deposit with remaining balance payable over next 2 -3 monhs per retreat theme

Payments later than 60 days may result in cancellation without refund

Refunds available in full no later than 90 days prior to departure


Tickets are transferrable

Earn $50 rebate off of your Retreat when friends attend with you! Be sure they give your name as their referral! (Rebate payable 30 days prior to retreat departure)

Travel to and from Retreat locations is not included

Payments accepted via cash, credit or debit, or PayPal only. No checks accepted.